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NextHub is a dashboard for all your NextDNS accounts right on your device.

All features of the app are free to use, and will always be.

Tipping is optional and can be done on the app. Tipping does not unlock any additional features.

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The Story

This app was built over a few weekends as I needed a quick way to access my NextDNS configurations, settings, analytics, and logs. Figured it would be useful for other users of the service as well.

NextHub was built using SwiftUI, primarily. It's modular enough to make a macOS version soon enough without a lot of work. That's coming next.

Shoutout to Linear for making this development process a lot of fun. Task planning, integrations with GitHub, the automations, etc. were all a breeze to use and made me a lot more productive.

- Vishal (The Developer)

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